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New Artwork

In between my MA degree work, commissions and other projects, Covid-19 is still playing a big part in our lives. In my series ‘Hanging by Thread’ that evolved from last year’s ‘I’m Still Alive’ I continue to explore my personal and emotional responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, with feelings of despair, hope, endurance and optimism.

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Gigantic Leap Frog Trail

Being commissioned by Stockport City Council to paint a human sized frog, I have spent a considerable amount of time over the past 6 weeks in an underground loading bay. I thoroughly enjoyed the project and can’t wait to see it outside somewhere in the city. Having been sworn to secrecy prior to the launch

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Look Up Here – Buxton Sculpture Trail

I am terribly excited to be one of 11 artists represented in the Buxton Sculpture Art Trail as part of the Buxton Fringe Festival. My sculpture will be installed and ready for viewing from 1st July. Always trying to push boundaries and exploring materials and their properties I created a sculpture entirely made out of

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Coming soon

‘Nomansland’ my MA degree show will open with a few surprises at Chester Art Centre on 16th September with a the PV at 19:00. Don’t miss this! More info here ‘Nomansland’ – fine art exhibition by Brigitte Watkinson

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The Story of the Slug

You wonder what ‘Makeslugsbeautiful’ is all about? Some people ask me, some just say they like it, yes, that’s a cool name:-) and some don’t mention it at all. Are they just wondering quietly? If you are one of the ones who’s been wondering quietly, let me tell you: When I started out as a

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