“to open words is to open oneself.

words want to speak; to listen to them is the first task” –

Cecilia Vicuna

New Artwork

In between my MA degree work, commissions and other projects, Covid-19 is still playing a big part in our lives. In my series ‘Hanging by Thread’ that evolved from last

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Gigantic Leap Frog Trail

Being commissioned by Stockport City Council to paint a human sized frog, I have spent a considerable amount of time over the past 6 weeks in an underground loading bay.

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Coming soon

‘Nomansland’ my MA degree show will open with a few surprises at Chester Art Centre on 16th September with a the PV at 19:00. Don’t miss this! More info here

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The Story of the Slug

You wonder what ‘Makeslugsbeautiful’ is all about? Some people ask me, some just say they like it, yes, that’s a cool name:-) and some don’t mention it at all. Are

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