Look Up Here – Buxton Sculpture Trail

I am terribly excited to be one of 11 artists represented in the Buxton Sculpture Art Trail as part of the Buxton Fringe Festival.

Buxton Pavillion Gardens

My sculpture will be installed and ready for viewing from 1st July. Always trying to push boundaries and exploring materials and their properties I created a sculpture entirely made out of newspaper. Making newspaper weatherproof was challenging as I found that it became a bit brittle. Reinforcement with wire was necessary.

Another worry was wind. The baubles are likely to tangle in high winds and potentially rip. I think I have found the answer to this, but in the end only time will tell…..

I named the sculpture ‘Look Up Here’ seeking to demonstrate the concurrent and ontological presence and absence of an attempt to communicate.  Made entirely out of newspaper and written in Braille, letters and words are rendered meaningless. What remains is a visual perception that something is being said, but not understood.

More info can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/135365563198913

I wonder what it will look like once installed?

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