Open doors

Titled Pros(cesses) and Cons(tructions),these developmental pieces can be seen asrecords of the practical research Brigitte is carrying out at the University of Chester. At the root of her practice is an ongoing fascination with the notion of entanglement or ‘tentacularity’ – ‘life lived along lines… a series of interlaced trails’ (Donna Haraway, 2016). This is the constant cycle of emotions, encounters and experiences which interlace and interconnect, affecting and intra-acting with mood and memories. 

Brigitte continuously explores new ways of portraying the transient and multi-dimensional layers of these intangible encounters and emotions. Pros and Cons is the result of her love of paper as a material and her foray into print making. The pieces here are a playful investigation into methods that alter the outcomes of work; scoring, folding, slicing, attaching and constructing. Shapes, layers, colours and angles come together to produce pieces that almost make sense.


Speculations around feminist language result in fabulations of past, present and a utopian future. 

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