You  call   me   woman,

but  I   am   not   MAN.

You  call   me   human,

but   I  am  not   MAN.

You  talk  of  mankind,

but  I  am   not  MAN?

I long for nomansland,

where     we    are    all



When history is made and post humanism is pondered, the status quo for humanity is shifted.

Based on scientific evidence that the first human was female, my speculations around feminist language result in fabulations of past, present and a utopian future. Through time and via a rather imperfect and patriarchal Vitruvian Action Man©, I see humans evolving from the original mother into dunkwonhami, who inhabit the protective landscape of the Cluechenthu.

Anagrams, metaphors, methods and materials twist and turn like a Rubiks cube, offering and creating new narratives. Gender, language and process intra-act.

Words, images, objects and meanings are made and remade. The recycled, the homemade, the pilfered and the found are constructed and reconstructed; the story unfolded.


The Gedsods

Homo dunkwonhami - eventually defeated by a disintegrating chromosome

Action Man - Man of Action

.... und bist du nicht willig so brauch ich Gewalt Zitat aus 'Erlkönig', J.W. von Goethe
(Loosely translated by artist: If you're not willing I'll use some force)

Shall I Kill You Even Deader?

The Transformers

Reverse Engineering Personified
Becoming-together symbiants

The Cluechenthu

With huge thanks to Warrington Museum & Art Gallery for allowing the use of the wonderful Cabinet of Curiosities as a photoshoot location.

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