Trippy me

Brigitte is an interdisciplinary artist from Northwich, Cheshire.  At the root of her practice is her ongoing fascination with the notion of entanglement or ‘tentacularity’ – ‘life lived along lines… a series of interlaced trails’ (Donna Haraway, 2016). This is the constant cycle of emotions, encounters and experiences which interlace and interconnect, affecting and intra-acting with mood and memories. 

Brigitte continuously explores new ways of portraying the transient and multi-dimensional layers of such intangible encounters and emotions. Most recently the fragile process of printmaking and analogue photography has become central to her inquiry adding compelling elements to the narrative. 

Just as the human ability to control the entanglement of emotions and experiences is near enough non-existent,  she futilely endeavours to capture ways to control the uncontrollable whilst ultimately rendering control to the elements through analogue processes.

Together with collected, pilfered, found, recycled, repurposed, re-used and always carefully selected objects and materials the  images amalgamate to develop a complex sometime surreal dynamic.

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