Trippy me

Brigitte works across disciplines including  photography, painting, collage and sculpture. At the root of her practice is her ongoing fascination with the notion of entanglement – the continuous, cyclical process of emotions, encounters and experiences interlacing and interconnecting and subsequently affecting and intra-acting with mood and memories. Forever concerned with ways of portraying the transient and multi-dimensional layers of these intangible encounters and emotions, she continuously investigate and explore new and improved ways, techniques and materials.  Most recently the fragile process of analogue photography has become central to her inquiry adding a compelling element to the narrative.  Just as the human ability to control the entanglement of emotions and experiences is near enough non-existent, through the manual process of analogue photography she futilely endeavours to capture a way to control the uncontrollable whilst ultimately rendering control to the elements. Together with collected, pilfered, found, recycled, repurposed, re-used and always carefully selected objects and materials the  images amalgamate to develop a complex sometime surreal dynamic.

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