The Story of the Slug

You wonder what ‘Makeslugsbeautiful’ is all about? Some people ask me, some just say they like it, yes, that’s a cool name:-) and some don’t mention it at all. Are they just wondering quietly? If you are one of the ones who’s been wondering quietly, let me tell you:

When I started out as a professional artist (not really that long ago, although it seems ages ago, if you know that feeling?) I realised I would need a website and a social media presence… My name, Brigitte Watkinson, I found was too long, hasn’t much of a ring to it and no one ever spells my first name correctly (it’s fine, I can live with it!:-)).

I used to do a lot of running then too, which provided me with excellent thinking time… On one of these runs, late summer, September maybe, it had just stopped raining and the country roads were just littered with slugs… I really struggled to avoid them and the thought crossed my mind, that if someone just made them beautiful, they wouldn’t be so bad…. I still wished someone would make them beautiful like sea slugs.

Aren’t these like the cutest little babies you’ve ever seen? One day I might set out and paint these blasted things 🙂

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